Brandyn and Carrie

The husband and wife team of Brandyn and Carrie Shoemaker created PLF Digital to help others. Businesses need an online presence that helps them grow and succeed in today’s virtual world!  Life gets busy, especially as a small business owner. We know that first hand! For the past 2 and a half years we’ve traveled full-time in an RV around the U.S. while homeschooling our two young boys. We have recently decided to settle on the Oregon coast. Life has been crazy busy over the last 3 years, but gave us the opportunity to truly understand how much online presence can help businesses grow. Let us help you take the stress of online marketing. 

Brandyn designed his first website in middle school, so you can say he has been doing this for awhile!  He’s built countless websites since and enjoys the “behind the scenes” aspect of web design.  He’s been a full time marketing writer for 5 years now, writing for a wide range of clients. He specializes in content writing, sales letters, and virtual articles. 

Carrie has been working with social media and building brands for over 6 years.  Along the way she’s taken up graphic and web design as well.  Building an online presence takes consistency and a dedication to see it grow, and Carrie has a passion to do just that!