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Why Your Business Needs Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting is the creation of copy or content to persuade people to do things. 

Many businesses don’t utilize copywriting correctly because they aren’t entirely sure what copywriting is or what a copywriter does.

But once you understand the value good copy can add, it’s a no-brainer.

Properly written and engaging words are essential to every business. 

Whether it’s brochures, blogs, brand messaging or product descriptions, or social media posts, using the right words in the proper order is critical.


Grab Your Customer’s Attention

When your business is online, you are competing with the millions and millions of other online businesses.

That means you have to grab your reader’s attention right away.

If you don’t, persuasion isn’t even possible, and they will pass by your business. 

That’s why copywriting starts with headlines and titles.

These are the first things people see, and they base their decision on whether they will continue reading based on the title or headline alone.

There are an infinite number of headline-writing available, and many of them are very effective. 

Asking a relevant question, making it into a how-to, suggesting exciting benefits, or using a compelling statistic are all concepts that work. 

The copywriter’s job is to figure out which ones work best at which times.

Good copy inspires your customers

Understand And Relate To Your Customers

Good writing doesn’t always make good copy.

All copy is good writing, but not all good writing is good copy.

Good copy effectively communicates with your audience in a way they will understand and relate to. 

Many people can write about what they do, but really reaching the heart of their readers is a little more difficult.

You have to make them want to keep reading. 

They have to WANT to read about your business if they are to be turned into loyal customers.

Your tone and writing style needs to be exciting, engaging, and relevant to your readers, meeting them where they’re at. 

Someone writing for a fitness coach should sound a bit different than someone writing about engineering.

Your words should reflect your brand, and your brand should be unique. 

That means no boring, cookie-cutter writing that could’ve been written about anything by anyone. 

Your writing should be uniquely you, as long as you represent your audience.

A copywriter can help you find your voice.


Inspire Your Customers To Take Action

The purpose of persuasive copy is to elicit a certain response from readers.

You may want them to buy, share, keep reading, sign up for your email newsletter, or a multitude of other things.

Good copy is actionable, and that is what your business needs.

Copy is meant to generate a response from your readers and customers, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) sound sleazy or salesy. 

No matter what response you’re looking for, each piece of content and copy should be created to elicit that actionable response. 

If your copy isn’t eliciting a response, it’s just wasted space. 

People who encounter your business online should be actively engaging in whatever you are putting out there.

The only way to accomplish that is by creating content with a purpose. 


Bottom Line

There are countless reasons your business should invest in copywriting. These are just a few of them. 

If you still have questions about copywriting, we’d love to answer them. 

Contact PLF Digital today to take advantage of our copywriting services.

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