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Why Small Businesses Should Utilize Social Media

Social media isn’t just for keeping up with relatives and showing off your vacation pictures. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be handy tools for small businesses.

Below are a few reasons small businesses should spend some time on social media.

Validate Your Business

When I discover a new business, the first thing I do is look them up on social media.

I want to learn as much information about them as possible, and the best place to do this is on their social media channels.

Having a solid social media presence will help validate your business, and it gives your potential customers a chance to learn and become comfortable with you.

Social media is an excellent way for your business to keep in touch with past customers, and it allows you to stay in front of potential customers.

Spread The Word

When people need something, they value the opinions of others who have been in a similar situation.

They want to know about the product, customer service support, shipping times, etc. 

The best place to put this information out there is on your social media accounts.

If you do it right, your past customers will come to your accounts and sing your praises for everyone to see.

When people hear positive things about a company, they are more likely to do business with them.


Position Yourself As An Expert

Social media is a great way to spread information about topics you are educated about and other people might be interested in.

When you can answer someone’s question about something, it raises their respect for you as an expert in your field. 

The more they hear from you, especially when you aren’t trying to sell them something outright, the easier it will be for them to think of you when they need your products or services.

Social media can build your brand

Build Brand Loyalty

Social media is the best for your business to interact with your customers.

This type of interaction was previously impossible.

Now when you have a positive interaction with a customer, the entire world can see it.

Before, those interactions never left your storefront, but now your reach can be global. 

The more you interact with your audience on social media, the greater chance you have of converting them into paying customers. 

Answering questions, responding to feedback, and making and just putting your business out there will help solidify loyalty to your brand.


Stay Competitive

Social media can be one of the most pivotal ways to engage with new and existing customers. 

Having your accounts isn’t enough. You have to be sure to stay engaged.

Stay conversational, and inform your audience about new products, upcoming changes and events.

You can even ask your customers questions to get their feedback, so they know you value their opinion.

But, social media is also a great way to stay up-to-date with your industry and competitors.


Social Media Is Crucial For Small Businesses

Everyone wants to be able to interact with their favorite businesses on social media.

Similar to having a website, having a strong social media presence is no longer optional if you want to build a successful business. 

If you aren’t utilizing social media, you’re missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

Contact PLF Digital today if you’re ready to establish your social media presence!

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